Privacy Policy

This statement applies to the "user" website that is owned by "Complete Health Products" ("the Owner")

We at Complete Health Products are committed to the protection of your personal information when purchasing from us.

Complete Health Products will not release your personal details to any third party under any circumstances (unless required by law or in the case where unlawful activity, such as fraudulent credit card use is suspected) without your consent.

Complete Health Productss are required to share your personal information with couriers and service providers necessary for the purpose of fulfilling orders.

We take pride in protecting your personal information as we know it is important. To ensure that there is no misuse of your personal information all representatives in contact with your information may be made to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Be assured that your credit card details are safe. We have put security precautions in place and operate with secure servers to avoid the misuse of such information. All data transmitted via our secure server is encrypted (128 - Bit SSL)

Collection of Information
It is necessary that we collect personal information about you and your business for the purposes of providing the services offered on this website. You have rights in relation to this information and this document sets out these rights.

What we collect
The Owner collects your name, address, contact details and various other items of information relating to your usage of the site and your other business dealings with the Owner.

What we use it for
Your personal information is only used for the purposes of providing the services offered through this website and for the purpose of better marketing the Owners products and services to you and your business.

What we do not use it for
The Owner will not sell your personal information to other parties for their use in their, or others, promotional activities.

Storage of Information
Your information is kept in a database that is protected by a login and password. Every effort is made to secure this database to prevent your personal information being obtained by third parties.

You have a right to know what information we have
You have a right at any time to request that you be told what personal information that we hold about you and to request that this information be destroyed.

The storing of cookies on your machine is necessary to identify a buyer during a session on this website. These cookies currently expire within 30 minutes, so if no activity (ie. page loads) occurs within that limit, the cookie is destroyed and a new one created identifying a new session. Previous information is not retained for that new session.